Edward Bayard Heath

There is a record. Some of it is written down and some will just be in the memories of people passed down for generations. This site is for me and others who remember their grandfathers, fathers and maybe even grandmothers and mothers who sat for hours building electronics kits to use for work, or enjoyment.
I’d like this site to be a record of all of the catalogs and manuals that were produce for Heathkit, the name that will be remembered synonymously with electronic kit building.
To me this is a very special project, not only did my father build Heathkits and use them in his electronic repair shop, I used their ham radio equipment in the beginnings of my ham radio hobby. I still have a Heatkit keyer for when I get off my duff and re-learn Morse code that I shamefully let go after I received my voice endorsement way back in 1987.
Also, I’ve noticed that electronics, ham radio and aviation go hand in hand. I have my private pilots license and was not surprised to learn that Heathkit started in 1926 when Edward Bayard Heath purchased Bates Aeroplane Company with the intent to sell light aircraft kits called the Heath Parasol under the name of E.B. Heath Aerial Vehicle Company. Well, as they say the rest is history.
All I know looking back to the 60s when I would spend time with my father as he built his Oscilloscope or other test equipment, life is very different today and we need to remember the pioneers that paved the road for us to enjoy a good life.

73's DE VE5JL
Joe Lockhart